Woo Woo Woo is Joey's signature catchphrase. Used mostly when Joey wishes to give a positive assessment of whatever food item he is reviewing. Several variations currently exist. He lets out a slow woo, a single, and a war and wootistic woo. In a livestream, Joey said there was no real inspiration for it. He just sort of started doing it.

Woo Types Edit

Single Woo Edit

Joey lets out a single, loud, high-pitched yelp ("woo!"). This is believed to be inspired by former professional wrestler Ric Flair (Joey is a wrestling fan).

Sing-Song Woo Edit

Joey says several woos in an odd sing-songy voice. There are usually four woos ("woo woo woo woo-oooo").

War Woo Edit

Joey lets out a series of fast, high-pitched woos ("Woowoowoowoo!"). It somewhat resembles a stereotypical Indian war cry.

Wootistic WooEdit

Joey usually emits this woo while eating something he greatly enjoys. While it does make your ears bleed, if you manage to hear it before your ears start to bleed, it sounds like a seal crying for help. When used, he appears to be so overcome with emotion that he stutters while saying the woo ("w-w-w-woowoo-w-w-w-woo"). He often blinks his eyes rapidly while wooing. It looks like he has partial autism when doing it but is used very frequently in most of his videos.