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The episode in witch Toon Joey first appeared

Toon Joey :3Edit

Toon Joey is a cartoon version of Joey Hernandez, first appearing in episode 503 of the "Joey's World Tour" anime. He was created by Chaos Joey on accident. Chaos Joey also Created Toon Tabitha and Toon Chaos Joey. Chaos Joey killed Toon Joey in episode 743 during the battle for Arby's.


Toon Joey has very similar personality to regular Joey, except for the fact that Toon Joey makes tons of snarky comments.


  • Toon Joey has a crush on Ken Domik
  • Toon Joey is secretly a cannibal
  • Toon Joey's favorite food is wasabi
  • Toon Joey's Favorite drink is Sochi Olympic Water
  • Toon Joey's favorite animal is the bottlenose dolphin