TheReportOfTheWeek (also known as Reviewbrah) is a YouTube food reviewer. He is known for being more successful, popular, thinner and superior to Joey in every way.

Rivalry Edit

Unlike Joey, who was mocked and derided in equal measure, Reviewbrah quickly gained a following on websites such as 4chan and

His genuine personality, dry humor and unusual style was seen as a stark contrast to Joey, who was known for his fake personality, retarded humor and morbid obesity.

Reviewbrah was soon featured in prolific magazines and media shows, such as Forbes, the New York Times, CNN and Tosh.0, much to fatboy Joey's anger and jealousy. His appearance on CNN featured a short clip of Joey acting like a disgusting slob, before he was referred to jokingly as Reviewbrah's "competition".

The May 2018 Livestream Edit

In May of 2018, Joey started a livestream, brought his camera to his greasy face and accused Reviewbrah of being "uptight and moody", claiming that he had been ignoring his messages on Twitter, and outright refusing to do any collaborations with him.

This was eventually revealed to be a lie, when a screenshot was posted by Brah showing that Joey had him blocked on Twitter....

It is unknown why Joey felt the need to attack Reviewbrah, but the most like answer is jealousy;

  • Reviewbrah had quickly caught up to Joey in subs, eventually surpassing him. He has recently hit 1 million subs.
  • He is often used as an example of "good" food reviewers on YouTube, whereas Joey is often considered the opposite.
  • Idubbbz's Content Cop on Food Reviewers mocked and humiliated Joey, showing him to be a fat, disgusting slob. Reviewbrah was not shown or mocked at all, despite being one of the biggest reviewers at the time.
  • Reviewbrah had left positive, heartfelt comments on other Food Reviewer's channels, specifically Daym Drops, Joey's friend and mentor. He never did this to Joey, instead leaving comments that were seen as poking fun at him.
  • Reviewbrah isn't morbidly obese.