How's this tied to Joey? Edit

On May 5, 2016, Joey began ending off his videos with imitations of Luke Skywalker. The impressions sound nothing like Luke whatsoever, but this "Luke Skywalker" is, in fact, the same one from Star Wars! At this point, there are a plethora of quotes supporting this, starting from the video "Wendy's® New Grilled Chicken Sandwich REVIEW!" These quotes confirm that the JoeysWorldTour Luke Skywalker is, in fact, the Star Wars Luke Skywalker, at least in some way. Everything else about him doesn't match up, but maybe he comes from an alternate Star Wars universe where everyone has lost higher brain function?

Origins? Edit

The origin video is the "Papa John's Pizza $5 Pepperoni Rolls REVIEW!" in which Joey's ends off with "And as Luke Skywalker would say, Pass the Navy Beans..." It can be viewed at 5:28.

What does it sound like? Edit

In my personal opinion, he sounds like Randy Newman (The guy that sings "You got a friend in me" in Toy Story)

If you want to listen, just listen to the time 5:27 on the 2nd video.

Characteristics and personality? Edit

Joey has once revealed Luke to Daym drops, but he mainly only shows him to the audience. On occasion, Luke exhibits differing opinions from Joey, as if he is an entirely different entity altogether. Luke appears to be camera shy, speaking mostly in stutters and repeated phrases; sometimes he just doesn't show up altogether. At first, he spoke in mainly "pass the x" quotes, but over time his communication skills improved.
Papa John's Pizza® $5 Pepperoni Rolls REVIEW!

Papa John's Pizza® $5 Pepperoni Rolls REVIEW!

Joey's Bizarre Food Reviews-Hormel® Pigs Feet!

Joey's Bizarre Food Reviews-Hormel® Pigs Feet!

Progression and Growth? Edit

Here is a timeline of Luke Skywalker's progression and growth since his inception.

Date Edit

Events Edit

Papa John's Pizza $5 Pepperoni Rolls REVIEW!

(May 5, 2016)

Luke Skywalker introduced
Papa John's Pizza $5 Pepperoni Rolls REVIEW!


Surf City Sandwich™ VULCAN MIND MELT Sandwich Review!

(May 5, 2016 - Jun 12, 2016)

Luke spoke in "pass the X" quotes, but there was a slow increase in sentence structure.
Surf City Sandwich™ VULCAN MIND MELT Sandwich Review!


Panda Express® General Tso's Chicken REVIEW!

(Jun 19, 2016 - Aug 19, 2016)

Luke becomes more aware of his surroundings, and continues to increase his fluency.
Wendy's® New Grilled Chicken Sandwich REVIEW!



(Aug 21, 2016 - Present)

Luke reveals that he's the same Luke Skywalker from Star Wars.
극단적 인 불닭 볶음면 도전! Blazing Korean Fire Noodle Challenge!



(Sep 7, 2016 - Present)

Luke begins making direct contact with Joey.
SONIC® Drive-In's New Fiery Cheeseburger REVIEW!



(Oct 23, 2016 - Present)

Joey begins directly responding to Luke.

Appearances? Edit

Here's a list of all of Luke Skywalker's appearances.

Food Review Edit

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Time-stamp Edit

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Papa John's Pizza $5 Pepperoni Rolls REVIEW!

Pass the Navy Beans... 5:28 May 5, 2016
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Frosted Maple Bacon REVIEW! Pass... pass the sauerkraut... 5:24 May 8, 2016
Joey's Bizarre Food Reviews-Hormel® Pigs Feet! Pass the pig's feet! 5:26 May 10, 2016
BURGER KING® Whopper Dog REVIEW! Pass the relish... 3:56 May 12, 2016
Wendy's® Ghost Pepper Fries REVIEW! Pass the milk! 4:20 May 17, 2016
Wendy's® Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad REVIEW! Pass the thousand island dressing, huhuhu... 5:47 May 19, 2016
Carl’s Jr.® | Green Burrito's New Burrito El Diablo REVIEW! Pass the jalapeño poppers! 6:51 May 22, 2016
Taco Bell® | The Return of The Doubledilla! Where's the extra cheese and steak? 5:29 May 24, 2016
Carls Jr.® California Classic Double Cheeseburger REVIEW! Pass the butter! wueuwueu... 5:07 May 26, 2016
Lay's® Southern Biscuits And Gravy Chips REVIEW! Pass... pass the pancakes! 6:29 May 30, 2016
Long John Silver's™ Coastal Cod Sandwich REVIEW! Pa... pass the fish bait. *lolls tongue* 5:17 Jun 1, 2016
100,000 Subscribers KFC Bucket O' Chicken Food Challenge! Pass the butter! 13:35 Jun 5, 2016
Arby's® Buffalo Chicken Sliders REVIEW! Pass the buffalo sauce! With... with the grapes... 4:17 Jun 7, 2016
Surf City Sandwich™ VULCAN MIND MELT Sandwich Review! Pa... pass the garlic! I want some garlic! 5:49 Jun 9, 2016
Wendy's® Bacon Mozzarella Burger REVIEW! I need more gooey! More, more, more gooey cheese! *lolls tongue* 5:46 Jun 12, 2016
BK® Double Stacker REVIEW! This is a double stacker... wha? what's this... noise? Double... wha? 5:54 Jun 14, 2016
Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s "BANANA & MAYO" Sandwich REVIEW! Give me a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, not... not that, Dale, Jr., thing, *lolls tongue* 7:00 Jun 19, 2016
Taco Bell® Chicken Flatbread Sandwich REVIEW! Where's... what happened to the steak flatbread? Where'd a... Where'd that go? *lolls tongue* 4:23 Jun 21, 2016
SONIC DRIVE-IN® $5 SONIC BOOM BOX REVIEW! Where's the... closest Sonic? Cause I'm... I want some tots! uhm... tots! 6:14 Jun 23, 2016
BURGER KING® Mac n’ Cheetos REVIEW! Whe... Where's, where's the macaroni and cheese with, with... with toast? Cause I like toast with my... macaroni and cheese. 5:24 Jun 26, 2016
Togo's® "BOOM BOOM" Pastrami Sandwich REVIEW! Pa... I need more, more boom boom sauce! I like... I like boom boom sauce, with my... with my boom boom... 6:15 Jun 28, 2016
Hostess® Red, White & Blue Twinkies REVIEW! Where's... Where's the ho-ho's? I like... I like ho-ho's, better than... than twinkies... 4:31 Jun 30, 2016
Popeyes® $5 Boneless Wing Bash REVIEW! Pass, pass the grits and... and mayonnaise cause I like grits and mayonnaise... with my chicken. It's, it's good. 4:46 Jul 4, 2016
DICKEY'S Barbecue Pit™ Pulled Pork Tacos REVIEW! Where's... Where's the quesadilla with... the chicken and guacamole I like that... quesadilla... guacamole and chicken... 5:07 Jul 6, 2016
7-Eleven® $1.99 Classic Cheeseburger REVIEW! Why's it so dry? I like it... I like it moist... moist, and juicy... my burgers... *lolls tongue* 4:49 Jul 8, 2016
Ghostbusters™ Key Lime Slime Twinkies REVIEW! Where... Where'd all the slime come from? Cause I'm, cause I'm-a slimy... 2:33 Jul 10, 2016
Arby's King’s Hawaiian® Half-Pound Club REVIEW! I want the... I want the mega... quarter pounder... club sandwhich... with extra bacon... cause I like bacon... 3:55 Jul 12, 2016
Taco Bell® Spicy Triple Double Crunchwrap REVIEW! Where's the... the belfy beeferito? I like the... *long pause* bell... beefy beef... beeferito... 4:25 Jul 17, 2016
Jack In The Box® Brewhouse Bacon Burger REVIEW! Hey you... Pikachu! Let's go play... Pokemon go! *lolls tongue* 5:37 Jul 19, 2016
SUBWAY® Chicken Caesar Melt REVIEW! You had me at... hello! *short pause* You had me at... Hello. 4:49 Jul 22, 2016
In-N-Out® Protein Style Cheeseburger REVIEW! Where's the hamburger bun? I'm... I'm not into... high-fat low carb... I like... hamburger buns... *lolls tongue* 8:22 Jul 25, 2016
Pizza Hut® BIG Flavor Dipper Pizza REVIEW! Whe... where's the blue cheese dipping sauce it didn't come with a blue cheese... dipping sauce? What's up with that? *lolls tongue* 4:34 Jul 27, 2016
Little Caesars Pizza® $8 Box Set Review with Daym Drops! Where? Pass the butter... pass the butter... 11:34 Aug 4, 2016
Jack In The Box® Guacamole & Bacon Chicken Sandwich REVIEW! Where... Where's I like peas and carrots... I like... *short pause* peas and carrots they're good... with my mashed po'taters... I like that. 5:11 Aug 7, 2016
BURGER KING® "WHOPPERRITO"™ Review! Where, where, where's the hamburger buns I like hamburger buns with my hamburger... anywhere... 4:54 Aug 11, 2016
Taco Bell® NEW! Spicy Cheesy Core Burrito Review! Pass... Pass the cheese I love the cheese. I also like.... like cutting the cheese too... anyways... 5:11 Aug 14, 2016
Panda Express® General Tso's Chicken REVIEW! Where's... Where's the orange chicken? I like orange chicken... with... with the.... jalapeño peppers and, pot stickers... I like that... *lolls tongue* 5:30 Aug 19, 2016
Wendy's® New Grilled Chicken Sandwich REVIEW! Where's the bacon on my chicken and avocado? With... extra field greens. I like that, because... Chewbacca likes that... on his... chicken sandwhich... *lolls tongue* 4:28 Aug 21, 2016
Hostess® Deep Fried Twinkies review with Jason Callan! Where's the deep fried ho-ho's, I like deep fried ho-ho's... *pause* with chocolate all over it... *pause* *lolls tongue* 4:45 Aug 24, 2016
Jack In The Box® $2.99 Jumbo Breakfast Platter Redux Review! Where's the french toast I like french toast... with... with sausage... *pause* and, and, and, and scrammy eggies... I like that a lot. *lolls tongue* 6:24 Aug 26, 2016
Baskin-Robbins® Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Polar Pizza Review! Where's the, peanut butter and jelly... ice cream cake I like that, peanut butter and jelly ice cream cake... with, with sprinkles... 5:13 Aug 28, 2016
Little Caesars® $4 Loaded Crazy Bread Bites REVIEW! I, I rented this island... for privacy... and I turn around and there's this girl there handing me... holding a lightsaber... and I was thinking to myself... *short pause* I'll never use Priceline again... *anyways* *lolls tongue* 4:48 Aug 30, 2016
Mcdonald's® Beefy Triple Cheeseburger REVIEW! Where's, where's the, quadruple, cheeseburger? I like that... I like that quadruple, thing... I can get it at the... the Cantina... they're on... my home planet... *lolls tongue* 5:06 Sep 5, 2016
극단적 인 불닭 볶음면 도전! Blazing Korean Fire Noodle Challenge! Why'd you do that? You're, you're crazy... what's wrong with you? 5:24 Sep 7, 2016
Baskin-Robbins® Dunkin' Donuts Ice Cream Sandwich REVIEW! I like ice cream sandwiches... with a... hot fudge, poured over it. *pause* Hot fudge... not cold fudge, hot fudge, it's so good. *lolls tongue* 5:29 Sep 9, 2016
KFC™ $5 Fill Up: Chicken Littles REVIEW! Where's the honey mustard sauce? *short pause* For my chicken littles, I like, honey mustard sauce, with my... *pause* chicken littles... 5:18 Sep 13, 2016
Burger King® CHEETOS Chicken Fries REVIEW! Where's the Cheeto, flavor, I like Cheetos, with ranch dressing on my Cheetos, because it's very Cheetio-sees, my Cheetos... *lolls tongue* 5:12 Sep 15, 2016
$5 Taco Bell® Cheddar Habanero Quesarito Big Box REVIEW! What happened to the Xbox... thing? I thought it was supposed to be the Xbox, but the Playstation's just as good. I like it a lot, cause I used to play, Donkey Kong, and, all that good stuff, on my, Playstation... 2... 3... and now 4... *pause* Playstation... 6:13 Sep 18, 2016
Wienerschnitzel® Pretzel Bun Grilled Bratwurst REVIEW! Where's... where's the... *pause* the beer the warm beer to go with my sauerkraut, bratwurst. I like warm beer, in my - in the 'stine, for Oktoberfest... because it's good vittles... *long pause* Oktoberfest... 4:27 Sep 20, 2016
Arby's® Smokehouse Pork Belly Sandwich Review! Is this the Greatest Sandwich in the World? I like pork belly and, and Chewbacca belly, that's what I like Chewbacca belly sandwiches, they're so good, but I get hair stuck in my teeth... from the Chewbacca... belly sandwiches... *lolls tongue* 6:20 Sep 22, 2016
El Pollo Loco® Chicken Avocado Tortilla Wrap REVIEW! Where's, where's the carne asada-style tacos I like carne asada-style tacos, with avocado, and monterey-jack cheese, and free-, and pinto beans, or free *hhhhhhhhhhooooooolll-ate*, that's my specialty... Chicken... carne... asada... tacos... 6:41 Sep 25, 2016
Jack In The Box® New Brunchfast Brunch Burger REVIEW! Does it come with, with pineapple wedges, and chocolate dipping, sauce, cause I like that when I have brunch... I do... 6:58 Sep 29, 2016
Pizza Hut® "Cheeselicious" Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza Review! Where's- do they have the nacho... cheese stuffed crust, pizza I- I like nacho cheese, maybe they'll do that next... for, me... Luke Skywalker... 4:46 Oct 2, 2016
Chipotle Mexican Grill® New Chorizo Burrito REVIEW! Where's the real chorizo I like the pork and the beef chorizo. I like that uh... the red, this deep red color with... I like adding "arroz?", with the eggs, to my chorizo. It's called chorizo, Joe, not chor-i-zo it's chorizo, even I know that. *lolls tongue* 5:50 Oct 6, 2016
KFC® Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders REVIEW! Where are the hot wings? I like hot wings...when I watch football...with Chewbacca... Do they have Nashville Hot Wings?.. 'cause I like that... Me and Chewbacca watch football...all the time. *lolls tongue* 4:38 Oct 12, 2016
Burger King® BACON KING SANDWICH REVIEW! Where's... where's the jalapeño pepper... burger I like that, or whatever happened to the... the m- the, the Halloween burger... with the black bun that was a fun one, I rhyme I'm a rhymer... *short pause* remember for Halloween why don't they bring that one back, what's going on? *lolls tongue* 5:53 Oct 16, 2016
Jack In The Box® Sriracha Curly Fry Munchie Meal Burger REVIEW! Where's where's, the hotdogs does Jack In The Box have hotdogs I like hotdogs, me and Chewie like hotdogs because, we like it, hotdogs, from, from the planet Hoth, we like that, frozen hotdogs. 5:38 Oct 19, 2016
Carls Jr.® | Green Burrito's New Chicken Green Burrito REVIEW! Do they have chimichangas? I like chimichangas... does the Green Burrito have chimichangas I like chimichangas with sour cream and guacamole... *inhales* and, and uh, Corona I like that, they don't have Coronas on Hoth, but I like Coronas. *lolls tongue* 4:37 Oct 21, 2016
SONIC® Drive-In's New Fiery Cheeseburger REVIEW! Do they have a, a chicken sandwich, fiery chicken sandwich? *Joey: They do Luke, they do!* Oh that's good to know, because me and Chewie are, are hungry we like chicken, they don't have chickens on Hoth, they just have frozen chickens. *lolls tongue* 4:21 Oct 23, 2016
Jack In The Box® Bacon & Egg Chicken Sandwich REVIEW! Do they have, Monte Cristo sandwiches? Monte Cristos I like that when they deep fry it, with the mayonnaise and powdered sugar I like that, a lot, Monte Cristo sandwiches *Joey: No they don't Luke.* They don't? Oh ok, whatever. *lolls tongue* 4:52 Oct 25, 2016
KFC® $10 Chicken Share Bucket: Popcorn Nuggets Review! Do they have, uh share-the-bucket frog legs I like frog legs, those are really good cause they hop around... and it's hard to catch them because they're frogs... and Chewie likes frogs too so that's u-, that's why we like frog legs... do they have those? 4:17 Nov 1, 2016
Food Mashup: Taco Bell® Cheesy Roll-Up Lolli Pops! Do they have chimichangas? a- didn't I ask that before? Chimichangas I like chimichangas...*pause* do they have chimichanga lollipops? Do you think they do? What do you think? I don't know. *chomp woo?* 5:53 Nov 2, 2016
Popeyes® HushPuppy Butterfly Shrimp REVIEW! Do they have calamari I like calamari... calamari's good... it's really good they used to have it on Hoth and me and Chewie would love, would dip it in, in plum sauce our calamari... do they have plum sauce? Does Popeyes have clum sauce... *lolls tongue and mumbles* 4:43 Nov 8, 2016
LITTLE CAESARS® Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza review with JKMCraveTV! Do they have salami, stuffed crust pizza? I like salami... stuffed crust pizza, me and, Chewie like salami... because we also like salami, salami, bologna... *stares into 4th dimension* 7:08 Nov 14, 2016
BURGER KING® Pancakes Review! Do they have french toast? I like french toast... me and Leia, and Chewie we'd have breakfast, with Obi-Wan in the morning he'd make us french toast... *short pause* and chocolate milk. *lolls tongue* 6:00 Nov 16, 2016
TACO BELL® Steakhouse Nachos Review! Do they have cheese fondue, I like cheese fondue does Taco Bell have cheese fondue? Cause me, Obi, Leia, and uhh... who's the other guy R2-D3? We-we-li-we-like, we-like-not-we-like uhh, cheese fondue... *short pause* with root beer. 4:24 Nov 19, 2016
CHEETOS® Snowflakes Review with Jason Callan! Do they have, nacho cheese snowflakes? I like nacho cheese snowflakes, with queso, and mole sauce... that's how good it is... *lolls tongue 3 times* 4:09 Nov 21, 2016
Chick-fil-A® Tortilla Soup Review! Do they have clam chowder? I like clam chowder... me and, Chewie love clam chowder with clams, and little butter crackers, there's is really good stuff... *lolls tongue* 5:15 Nov 23, 2016
Carl's Jr.® French Toast Dips REVIEW! Do they have chilaquiles... at Carl's Jr.? I like chilaquiles... with tortillas... and salsa... 4:09 Nov 25, 2016
Arby's® Three Cheese Steak Sandwich REVIEW! Do they have vegan, vegan sandwiches there cause I'm a vegan... because I like... I like vegetables... and... and pesto sauce... *lolls tongue* 5:01 Nov 26, 2016
Wendy's® Spicy Sriracha Chicken Sandwich REVIEW! Do they have, foie gras sandwiches? I like, foie gras, I like, I like the fat from the, from the valley of the duck... or is it the goose? I dunno, foie gras' french, I g- I don't understand french, cause I'm just Luke... I'm a... I-I-I'm a hero... that's, that's me, Luke. *lolls tongue* 7:15 Nov 29, 2016
Subway® Corned Beef Reuben Sandwich REVIEW! Do they... do they have the Monte Cristo, sandwiches there at Subway cause I like, deep-fried Monte Cristo, and mayonnaise and powdered sugar, it's good stuff. *lolls tongue* 4:08 Nov 30, 2016
Wendy's® Bacon SRIRACHA Fries Review! Do they, does In-N-Out Burger have s-, have sriracha sauce with their fries? Cause I like In-N-Out Burger's fries but, I need to try Wendy's new sriracha bacon... fries... cause they look really good *lolls tongue* 5:26 Dec 5, 2016
DIY TACO BELL® Cheetos Quesadilla! Do they have... a chorizo, quesadilla? Cause I like chorizo quesadillas... because I like chorizo... pork, pork chorizo that's really good stuff, and then I like putting potato chips Ruffles have ridges potato chips it's really good. *lolls tongue* 5:08 Dec 7, 2016
BURGER KING® Cheesy Tots Review! Do, do they have chocolate-covered... tots cause I like chocolate-covered tots. Cause they're so chocolatey, with- with milk-a, and whipped cream-a... 4:54 Dec 10, 2016
BLAZE PIZZA® "Veg Out" Pizza Review with JKMCraveTV! Do they have... do they have spaghetti pizza like... like uh, that one place does? What's it called, Chuck E. Cheese? *short pause* I like spaghetti pizza, me and Ch-, me and uh, Chewie like it, a lot... *lolls tongue* 6:00 Dec 16, 2016
BEN & JERRY'S® half baked Ice Cream Review! Do they have full-baked? Cause I like being full-baked me and Chewie, we go to Hoth and we, and we get those herbs, if you know what I mean. *lolls tongue* 5:!5 Dec 21, 2016
Jack In The Box® Chick-N-Tater Melt Review ! Wasn't I, why wasn't I in Rogue One? Why, why didn't they put me into Rogue One, where, where was I? Where-was-I I was there I was home on, on, that planet I live on... planet, I don't- I've even forgot maybe that's why, they-didn't-even-know-where-I, I didn't even know where I was... *long pause* that's why... 7:29 Dec 25, 2016
The Habit Burger Grill® Golden Fried Chicken Sandwich Review! My sister... my sister's gone... but we'll always have her... to watch in the movies... *sendoff kiss* 8:17 Jan 2, 2017
Wienerschnitzel® New Hearty Chili Review! Do they have clam chowder, at the Wienerschnitzel? I like clam chowder... with butter, crackers... and Tabasco sauce... me and Chewie like that... a lot... *lolls tongue* 3:19 Jan 4, 2017
Burger King's BBQ BACON KING™ SANDWICH Review! Where's th-, where's the barbecue sauce? I wanted barbecue sauce. Chewie and I love barbecue... sauce... what's goin' on... *long pause* barbecue sauce... *long pause* Chewie, and I like barbecue sau-... *fades out with weird sound* 6:13 Jan 17, 2017
McDonald's® GRAND "MAC DADDY" Review! Do they have the, the McWookiee, the McWookiee burger? I like that, I like Wookiee meat, I mean I didn't...*mumbling* I mean I didn't mean that uh, Chewie but you know what I mean, the McWookiee burger. *lolls tongue* 7:17 Jan 19, 2017
Taco Bell® New $5 Cravings Deal Review! Does it come with, Chorizo and papas... burritos I like that, *Joey: It doesn't Luke, it just comes with the cheesy gordita, the crunchy taco, and the burrito supreme.* Oh ok, maybe... maybe next time... *short pause* they'll do that *lolls tongue* 5:54 Jan 25, 2017
Taco Bell® NAKED CHICKEN CHALUPA Review! Where's, where's the, naked Chewie chalupa? Do they have naked Chewie, chalupas? *lolls tongue* 5:23 Jan 25, 2017
Jack in the Box® "Get In My Belly" PORK BELLY BLT! Who's... who's in the Super Bowl? Is it Chewbacca playing... and Kylo Ren... and Ray... and Han *short pause* and R2D2? *lols tongue* 6:08 Feb 4, 2018

Luke trivia! Edit

  • He likes hamburger buns, butter, chimichangas, and frog legs .
  • He's wanted to play Pokemon go.
  • He frequently makes Joey loll his tongue.
  • His presence is characterized by Joey emphasizing his lower jaw and hiding his top teeth.
  • He prefers ho-ho's to Twinkies.
  • The only food challenge Luke has appeared in is the "Blazing Korean Fire Noodle Challenge!", and he didn't seem to particularly enjoy it.