List of foods reviewed on JoeysWorldTour.

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Restaurant or Manufacturer Food Item Review Date Price Rating Joey's Comments Fun Facts
KFC (website) Boneless Chicken 2013/04/14 $4.99 Thumbs up "They're almost like a big, huge chicken tender. So I think they should just call these 'Big Chicken Tenders from KFC'."

"It's really good."

"I expected more, but they're delicious."

Joey's first food review.
Pizza Hut (website) Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza 2013/04/15 N/A 5 stars "Ooooohh, it's so hot and greasy... glug."

"Heaven has opened up ... the angels are singing."

"If you're a cheese lover, this is for you."

"Get to Pizza Hut right now."

Wendy's (website) Flatbread Grilled Chicken 2013/04/16 N/A N/A "The asiago ranch, with the tomatoes, and the bacon, and the cheese just swings, man."

"It kind of tricks you into thinking it's a healthy thing, but you know it's not."

"You need to get out there, cuz this is the best thing going."

"It really kicks butt."

In-N-Out Burger (website) and Five Guys Burgers and Fries (website) In-N-Out Double-Double and Five Guys Cheeseburger 2013/04/18 N/A Five Guys: 3/4

In-N-Out: 4/4

Both together: 7/4

Five Guys:

"This is like your hamburger you cook in the backyard on your grill."

"It's pretty good."


"That's really good."

"The meat is more flavorful than the Five Guys."

"I love this burger."

"Double Five" burger (both burgers together):

"This is the bomb."

"In-N-Out Burger and Five Guys should get together and just rock the hamburger world."

First video to be called "Joey's Super Kool Food Reviews".

This was a double review or "showdown."

Burger King (website) Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Burger 2013/04/22 N/A 1.5/4 "Come on, Burger King, get with it!"

"The burger is overcooked, it's all burnt, there's no cheddar to be seen."

First time saying "I'm back" in the intro.
Burger King (website) Pina Colada Smoothie 2013/04/23 N/A N/A "Oh my God, that is so good."

"It reminds me of being in Hawaii."

Joey adds alcohol to the drink.
Burger King (website) Chipotle Whopper 2013/04/25 3/4 "This is actually a good burger."

"It's a nice decent size."

"It's really good, gang."

Joey ordered the chipotle chicken, but they gave him the Whopper instead.
Little Caesars (website) DEEP!DEEP! Dish Pizza (with bacon, sausage and pepperoni) 2013/04/27 $8 14/14 "This is good vittles."

"This is kick-butt guys."

"This is almost as good as dating a girl from Europe, that you met on Spring Break, and you know you'll never see her again, so you just take advantage of it and go arghhrgahghargg."

Joey has a camera person.
Carl's Jr. (website) Jim Beam Bourbon Burger 2013/04/29 N/A 4/4 "It's super sticky and sweet, I love it."

"It's off the charts, man."

"The bourbon sauce just swings."

Panda Express (website) Samurai Surf & Turf 2013/05/02 N/A 3.5/4(?) "The shrimp aren't overcooked, they aren't rubbery."

"This thing swings."

Fried brown rice is "nothing to write home about."

Arby's (website) King's Hawaiian Roast Beef & Swiss 2013/05/06 N/A 2.5/4 "That is a tasty burger--well it's not a burger."

"It's no big deal."

McDonald's (website) Egg White Delight McMuffin 2013/05/06 N/A 2/4 "It's not as good as the egg McMuffin."

"It's not the greatest thing, there's not a lot of cheese on it."

Jack In The Box (website) Pizza Bites 2013/05/08 N/A 2.5/4 "If you like the stuff you get in the frozen section, it tastes basically the same."

"It's not bad."

Jack In The Box (website) Jumbo Breakfast Platter 2013/05/11 $3.00 3/4 "I love bacon, bacon's my friend."

"This is a good little breakfast."

Carl's Jr. (website) Hillshire Farm® Smoked Sausage Breakfast Sandwich 2013/05/13 4/4 "Look at the sausage! That's what it's all about! It's the sausage!"

"This is beautiful."

"This might be almost the best breakfast sandwich I've almost ever had."

"It's like God looking at me and saying, you're my most wondrous creation."