Joey in Super Smash Bros Edit

Joey is a confirmed newcomer for Super Smash Bros Ultimate on Nintendo switch. He will be heavy weight character.

Moveset Edit

Ground Moves Normal

.Neutral attack-Punch

.Forward tilt-twerk attack

.Up tilt-head bash upward

.Down tilt-sits on opponent, squashing it into a pancake!

.Dash attack-charges toward followed by a headbutt

Smash Attacks

.Side smash-hose attack

.Up smash-hits upward with Nutella

.Down Smash-hits downward with bat

Aerial Attacks

.Neutral aerial-throws mickey mouse hat

.Forward aerial-launches himself forward

.Backward aerial-launches himself backward

.Up aerial-throws hose up

.Down aerial-crushes opponent with hands



.Down-"You're No Match 4 Me, Munchy Muchacho!"

.Side-"SOCHI WATER!" Takes a sip of Sochi Water

While Eating Edo Mae Sushi - "Sushi's My Friend!" 

Coughing Out an Opponent - "WAR-HUMPH!" 

Entrance Animation

Drives onto stage with his car/Tabitha.

Idle Animation

.Scratches his smelly, dirty ass

Burps Out Puke Bombs

Final Smash

Covers the whole stage with "Kardashian Poop" Nutella.