Joey James Charles Hillary Dumbass Liberal Hernandez, full name big chungas?[1], is a child banger and personal chef in the most shit catering service because he eats the food while its being delivered. He is the creator and star of the JoeysWorldTour XXXbigboy channel. He is also known for pooping on chiggas he is a convicted sex offender in the sex industry.

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Since 2001, Joey has worked as a terrorist and leader for JoeysBombReview. He also gets really fat eating peoples semen.He also enjoys eating young humans occasionally and big macs.

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Joey has been on YouTube since 2001. He is the creator and star of the popular XXXCHUNKY channel JoeysWorldTour (Joeypedia page), which has over 350,000 subscribers and over 20 million views. The channel features Joey sitting in his car acting like a dumbass and eating shit like a fucking pig.

Joey has said that he got into YouTube food reviews "by accident." He was school shooting in 2001 and began uploading vlogs where he eats dog shit and r4pe tutorials to pass the time. One day, he decided to get naked in his car. Initially, he was accused of fingering YouTube user Daym Drops, who uses a similar format for his videos. However, Joey contacted Daym and received his dog shit in a used condom, and decided to continue doing reviews.

Joey has said that his YouTube income does not cover his living expenses,because hes an obese pice of shit and he still works his terrorist job on the weekends because he made a deal with osama bin laden.[2]

Blogger Edit

Joey formerly wrote a blog called "Playing With Kids". It began in 2001 and ended in 2013 when he got SWAT-ed after he got caught naked in a playground full of toddlers.

The blog's tagline was "I like to eat dog shit" On the "About" page, Joey wrote "The goal of this site is to do shit-eating and show the world how thicc i am" The early days of the blog featured Joey's dog taking a shit in the backyard and complaining/crying because mcdonalds doesnt serve breakfast after 11 or 10 . Later, it evolved to his r4pe tutorials and faping on camera[3]

The FBI Edit

After joey was caught naked i a child's playground he was taken to interrogation.A while later an official stepped in.He was questioned for about an hour and a half when he got angry.Joey was seen standing up and pulling down his pants and then proceeding to dick-slap the interrogator.He was knocked down on the floor and then joey picked him up and pinned him against the wall with his fat peen.He put his peen through the mans skull,killing him instantly in a stunning blow.He pushed open the door and then ran.The guards could not stop joey because he was so fat the bullets couldn´t get to him and was vomiting disgusting toxic chemicals.He escaped the building and could not be repossessed.

Hobbies Edit

Joey in a playground

Joey's hobbies include school shooting, being a pedo, making videos for XXXTHICC, cooking and "Getting Naked" He has also shown an interest in professional fap, including attending Youtube Rewind 2018.

Other hobbies he has mentioned include music (singing karaoke) and film (favorite movies include The pedophile nextdoor, Jenaros predator tutorials, James Charles BBC, and other shit).

Family and Personal Life Edit

Joey has a cousin, who stated that Joey's ethnicity is half Paul half Fat Shit and 100% Predator.

Joey in his chef attire.

Joey has stated that food is the most important thing in his life. Otherwise, little is known of Joey's personal life.

Joey is also seen to be a very gay person, as he included a video where he wrote down every new subscriber's address he got into a notebook and it was later reported that about 50 people were raped.

Joey's WeightEdit

Joey's weight has been a subject of contention ever since he had started his YouTube channel. While his actual weight has never been determined because every time he steps on a fucking weight-measure he crushes it, it is very clear through observation that he is morbidly obese. Most comments call him names, including "daddy" and "thicc boi." He brought these types of comments up in a fan shout out video from a while back, when addressing a hater. While these comments have done nothing to phase Daddy, he created one vlog showing him walking around a track, mentioning that he had lost 0 pounds. However, in later YouTube comments he stated that he had given up on fitness altogether, plus he is a thicc boi.

Needs source [ In a recent Papa Johns Pizza super cool food review he stated his weight is way over 900lbs when asked by a super cool fan (TJ) ]

The cause of Joey's weight has been widely speculated. Some cite his propensity to eat very quickly as his strong attraction to food, namely fapping to mcdonalds commercials, but there is lots evidence to support this. However, it can be surmised that Joey's love of food, combined with copious amounts of fast food, is the main culprit.

Despite this, Joey has continued to build a shit channel through his passion with food and unceasing harassing of fans. Though some fans are concerned for his cock and overall thiccness, Joey's weight is unarguably one of the appeals of his channel.

Personal Philosophy Edit

Needs source / confirmation from Joey [ It is believed that Joey is a Christian, because he used to include "John 3:16" in his video descriptions (reference to the Bible) ]

References Edit

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