I'm Back! Is the greeting Joey has used since nearly the advent of his YouTube career. This catchphrase not only builds suspense and anticipation but it also invites the viewer into the video, making them feel at home.

Joey originally said "I'm back" in a normal voice, but over time it evolved into a more elaborate catchphrase, with a nasally, sing-songy voice, often accompanied by Joey crossing his fingers and tilting his head. This version of the catchphrase may be inspired by Kyle's cousin on South Park, who uses a similar catchphrase.

  • First appearance: "KFC Boneless Chicken REVIEWED" (3:24) (Youtube)
  • Notable examples:
    • "Burger King Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Burger REVIEWED!" (0:13) (Youtube): First time said at the beginning of the video.
    • "Burger King Buffalo Chicken Fries REVIEW!" (4:49) (Youtube): Said his introduction (including "I'm back") in a very dull and monotonous voice, but then quickly changed his pace and introduced himself in his regular upbeat manner.