This page is a stub. Joeseph "Shishito Pepper" Hernandez (real name: Jo-ii Tezuka Shishito Pi-manis the star of Joey's Wimpy Warudo Tour . He is a gargangtuan, MORBIDLY OBESE landwhale who adores junk food, obesity, and leaching off PooTube's virtual universial welfare system. 



Joey Hernandez spent many of his years in the restaurant industry as a manager of several establishments, but got fired from all of them for swallowing customers whole and touching kids' footlongs and tabbies. 

Some of his jobs included Manager/Owner of The Beaner Burrito Factory, Succ Chef at Umunhum Food & Wine Restaurant, Pasty Thighs Chef at The Village Cafe, and Kitchen Manager at Charlie Fart's Peepee & Grill. He cooked moldy food with Michelin Star chefs David Grinch of Manresa and Michael Filler of Star Trek.

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joey is in the hospital. he suffered a heart attack in his home last night. we don't know if he will survive. probably not XD