Daymon Scott Patterson, more commonly known as Daym Drops, which also happens to be the name of his channel, is a fellow food reviewer, and a friend of Joey. He is well known for helping popularize YouTube food reviews. Daym and Joey have been friends since 2013, but did not appear in a video together until August 2016.

Daym And Joey

Joey and Daym hanging out in San Francisco, California!

Videos with Joey Edit

In order of first to last, here is a list of every video that Daym and Joey have collaborated on.

Video Title Youtube Channel Date
Carl's Jr. 3-Way Burger (Ft. JoeysWorldTour Daym Drops August 2, 2016
Little Caesars Pizza® $8 Box Set Review with Daym Drops! JoeysWorldTour Jan 4, 2016
Vlog: Joey & Daym Drops...Behind the Scenes Footage! JoeysWorldTour August 9, 2016

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