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When Joey wishes to display his discontent for the object of the review, Joey belts out a "Come on!", followed by a restaurant. Joey uses this tactic to urge the restaurant to change its ways. The most notable use of this particular saying is after McDonald's released their all day breakfast menu. Joey, receiving a cold, dry and all around uninspiring breakfast sandwich, urges McDonald's to get their act together.

Burger King Chicken Fries Rings Edit

Another moment of Joey feeling betrayed by a restaurant, was when he tried out Burger King's Chicken Fries Rings. Some notable things he said about them were that they were dry, and overcooked; not only that but he received no dipping sauce or even a receipt. The employees even gave him the wrong box, instead of the special limited chicken fries ring box! Something that fans don't realize about this video is that Joey edited in some ominous suspenseful music to go along with the video, convincing viewers to have the same ideals as him when it comes to Burger King, or at least their Chicken Fries Rings.