Chaos Joey is a fan favorite among JoeysWorldTour heads. Chaos Joey is Joey's evil twin brother who was created as a result of a disturbance in the Joey Plane. Chaos Joey killed Toon Joey in season 5, episode 743 during the battle for Arby's. Chaos Joey was thought to have been killed in the battle with his brother in "Little Caesars CINNAMON LOADED CRAZY BITES Review!". However, since his supposed death, he has been spotted in numerous videos. Not much is known about Chaos Joey, save for the few background appearances where he can be seen eating various healthy foods, such as carrots and celery. It is theorized that Chaos Joey is trying to surpass Joey's physical ability, so that he will not fail in his next battle. However, this is just conjecture and has not been confirmed. So far, only 4 sightings of Chaos Joey have been reported. If you find any more episodes with Chaos Joey, please contact us at with a screenshot and timestamp of where you found him. Edit