Joey has done many videos on Burger King and most of his videos have been very negative towards Burger King. Sometimes he has food reviews where he doesn't blame Burger King on the bad food, but he congratulates them. This is a very rare occurrence, but can happen. In one Burger King video BURGER KING® GRILLED DOGS REVIEW!!, Joey really likes the chili cheese dog that Joey ordered, he said "What took you so long Burger King to come up with such a great idea." In that video, Joey even goes as far to saying "I love it." Not all of Joey's videos have been this positive towards Burger King though. In one of Joey's Burger King videos, BURGER KING® Chicken Fries Rings REVIEW!, Joey points out many negative things with the Chicken Rings including, the "Janky" box that Burger King serves the Chicken Rings, how the Burger King employees didn't give him any sauce and he also says that they were "Overcooked and Dried." Joey really goes down on Burger King for making these horrible Chicken Rings. In another instance, Joey goes at Burger King for serving him a “stupid little princess burger” instead of the Big King. Joey also criticized Burger King for their Rib Sandwich. He referred to it as burnt and small, as well as criticized the Burger King “corporate chefs” for putting the sandwich on sale. Overall, Joey does not like most of Burger King's food, but once in a blue moon, he loves it.