200,000 Subscriber CAROLINA REAPER CHALLENGE! *(Dry Heaving Alert!)* is a food challenge uploaded by JoeysWorldTour on January 12, 2017. The video was made to commemorate the channel amassing 200,000 subscribers. In the video, Joey attempts to eat a pack of approximately 6 dried Carolina Reaper peppers but fails to progress past the first one as it proves to be too hot for him.

Plot Edit

joey eats a box of Carolina reapers that were hybridized which he says it's off the hook! He eats them and soon regrets eating them his face turns red and proceeds to eat ice cream and chug down milk but he then still can't get the spice away so he eats a can of sardines he soon does his outro \

some trivia: the cameraman is probably not a man. it is probably joey's wife the hands and their size are womanly but this theory could be wrong. in the wasabi challenge, there is a male camera man that says "what's he doing?"