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Mira Laime
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• 5/10/2016

Plans for the Wiki

Hey guys, Joeypedia is off to a great start! Thanks to everyone who contributed so far! As Joey would say, "It's growing because of YOU!" :-D

Just throwing some thoughts out there about how we can make Joeypedia awesome:

-We definitely need more visual flair-- more pictures, better design, etc. I'll be experimenting with this but it would be great to have someone with more experience working on it. Here is a wiki for another Youtube channel you can check out for ideas--if you scroll down to the bottom there is a big list of other Youtube wikis for inspiration.

-Coding stuff: I'm trying to figure out if certain things are possible. Is it possible to make tables sortable? We're going to have some huge tables in the episode guide and review guide, and it would be cool if they could be sorted by headings. Is it possible to use Youtube API to import data like # of views on a video?

-Does anyone have a list of the private/deleted videos or how to find them? Mostly the food challenges. I tried, didn't work too well.

-Trolls. You know we're going to get people coming in and vandalising the articles once people find out about this. Just want to make sure we're ready for that.

Thanks! Woowoowoo!


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• 5/28/2016
Many of the food challenge videos have been reuploaded . Also we should make pages for each episode
• 5/30/2016

Joey's running gags should have articles of there own. For example, a page on "Trinkets" or "Foosball".

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